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Scheduled Battle Royale matches - J-Man - 06-16-2018

Hello Pilots!

We'd like to encourage our players to play daily during the following hours to increase player population in matches:

6:00-7:00 PM PST and 9-10 PM EST

5-8 PM and 8-9 PM UTC + 3

6-7 PM UTC + 9 and 8-9PM UTC + 9

There’s no bots in VoH Battle Royale but you can practice your skills, test weapons etc. in Death Match play mode (find it under the Multiplayer button in main menu) with real players and with bots as replacements if there’s not enough real players. Also, remember to play daily by the Battle Royal schedule! If you want to study the Battle Royale map, ask a friend to join you. -The Battle Royale play mode currently starts with only two players (up to ten) in the lobby.

Also, every Wednesday and Saturday the devs will be lurking in the dark tunnels. Can you catch one?! Screenshot it and post it here! Follow our forum for more information!

Cheers, VoH Crew