The Void awaits...

Every morning, with a rush of mental activity, you’re awake. You’re here, you excist again. Back from wherever you were, when your mind was sleeping, offline, away. What if someday you go to sleep, and when you wake up, more has happened than a misplaced pillow. What happens when you wake up in some distant future, where nothing of value seems to be left of mankind, and all that remains are the myriad things they created. And you’re one of these mechinical creations. In the depths, your mind stirs, awoken for unknown reasons, with the simplest purpose. To move towards the light, like a moth in the darkness. Driven, by the basest of instincts, to survive, and try to escape the gloom it has fallen into. Yet something lies behind the surface of this large machine, questions for the unlit world, and answers perhaps better left undisturbed. 

Subterranean Dawn

Delve into a world long past its glory days, where the ruins of society are buried under ground, the stillness now only broken by mechanical thuds of forgotten servants. In the darkness flaring explosions briefly light up the surroundings as old machines fail, taxed to extremes as age takes its toll. In the midst of this ruin, something stirs. A sentience long bereft of purpose or function, finds itself in the middle of a void. It wants to escape.

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Vol 2.

Alone, adrift in the dark, stranded in the darkness with his only means of transportation broken down and malfunctioning, few options remain. Surrounded by enemies uncaring, unseen and unknown, an imminent demise awaits unless some solution can be found. Follow the journey to find power, parts, tools and anything or anyone that can help with survival in the bleak underground. Is there a way to reactivate the broken down Mech, and if so, can its systems be fixed. Is there a way out of the shattered tunnel network. Are the enemies inside the tunnel network already. Questions, better left unasked until revealed as fate would have it. Or by reading our next installment of Void Of Heroes. Stand by. Coming soon.